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Outer ear infection (swimmer’s ear)
  • STEP 1: Wash hands
    The person giving CIPRODEX® Otic should wash his/her hands with soap and water.
  • STEP 2: Warm & shake bottle
    Hold the bottle of CIPRODEX® Otic in the hand for one or two minutes to warm the suspension, then shake well.
  • STEP 3:
    The person receiving CIPRODEX® Otic should lie on his/her side with the infected ear up. Patients should have 4 drops of CIPRODEX® Otic put into the infected ear. The tip of the bottle should not touch the fingers, the ear, or any other surfaces.
  • STEP 4:
    While the person receiving the drops lies on his/her side, the person giving the drops should gently pull the outer ear lobe upward and backward. This will allow the ear drops to flow down into the ear canal.
  • STEP 5:
    The person who received the ear drops should remain on his/her side for at least 60 seconds. Repeat Steps 2-5 for the other ear if both ears are infected.

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